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New Players

Interested in playing gaelic football in Chicago this summer?

The St. Brigid's LGFC have a great club that just celebrated 20 years of ladies gaelic football in Chicago.

 We welcome players of all experience levels and are willing to train newcomers. 

So join us for a training session and get ready for a fantastic summer!

If  you are interested in joining us for the summer or would like more information,

 please contact us at:

secretary.stbrigids.central.usa@gaa.ie or cscans@yahoo.com



Brief Description of the Sport

Gaelic football is a sport very similar to soccer, but includes the additional skills of catching the ball and passing with your hand.  Ladies football is played in teams of fifteen.  The field is slightly larger than a soccer field.  The ball may be carried for up to four paces and then bounced on the ground or released to the toe and then back to the hand, when another four steps can be taken.  A player can also kick the ball, or struck it with her fist, in any direction. No "deliberate" physical contact is permitted in Women's Football and the ball may be picked directly off the ground.  Scoring is through "H" style goalposts with one point awarded for a score over the crossbar, and a goal under the crossbar is worth three points. 

Anybody who enjoys playing soccer, basketball, american football or rugby will find similarities in gaelic football and enjoy playing this great sport.


More detailed rules can be found here: